Team Members

To assure the images of The Human Blue Whale a group of communicators and scientist work above and below water from dawn to dusk. Together they addressed the formation of the whale silhouette on the surface, one group record testimonies of some of the participants in audio, others used film and photographed the whole ritual. These are the people who made it happen.

Patricio Robles Gil

I live in one of the world’s biggest cities, and here is not easy to find peace. That is one reason I continuously escape to the wild to ease my spirit. Two weeks before the creation of the human blue whale, I was photographing wild jaguars in the Brazilian pantanal. For the first time in my live I spent 90 days in a remote location with one of the most charismatic emblems of nature. In that time I had 125 encounters with this large predator, some of them very intimate that only I had dreamt about. I came back thinking that my live was complete.

Then the unexpected happened: the day we did the wild ceremony on behalf of the blue whale I was afraid, there were many sensitive issues, but the beauty and spirit of the 59 committed women taught me an important lesson. Their enthusiasm and trust really inspired me.

After we finished the last shooting, I boarded a small boat and approached the participants who were still in the water celebrating with great excitement. I thanked them all for this experience and told them that I was complete, this time was different. Since then I have found a more lasting peace and purpose in my live.

Roberto Chávez

I have been very fortunate to be able to explore and work under the waters of Mexico since my teenage days. When I met Patricio and he introduced me to what he does today after so many years of producing nature conservation images, I was lured by his work Los Rituales del Reencuentro. I immediately let him know about my interest in participating. To me Blue Whales were always puzzling and fascinating; I have seen them on almost every trip on the waters of the northern Mexican Pacific. Nevertheless, 59 nude women holding each other by the feet to form a Blue Whale silhouette compares to nothing I have ever seen or tried to capture with my camera. For me today there is a Before and After this conservation effort made possible by these brave women screaming at us with their bodies.

Octavio Aburto

For more than two decades I have traveled along the Gulf of California while diving with sharks, with huge schools of fish, and within vast algae forests, but nothing compared with the impressive size of a Blue Whale. When I was invited to join the The Human Blue Whale project I never thought anything could rival the magnificence of such an encounter but I was wrong. I have been very touched by the courage of 59 women who have posed in front of the lens of several cameras to leave a message about the threats man poses to the to the largest species that ever existed on earth.

Jaime Rojo

I could write for hours about the challenge and joy that was my role in this wonderful exercise, but I will not. I think most of you can imagine how hard it is to try to direct a group of 50-something women, floating naked in the water, with a megaphone, using numbers to refer to the different parts of the anatomy of a whale, and dancing with the playful tides and currents. Suddenly, the chaos disappeared and a human whale floated in front of me. For a minute or so there was silence; every woman floated still, hands and feet woven in the ancient shape of the blue whale, my voice in the megaphone just a memory in the sheer cliffs of the island. It was a magic instant that nobody will ever steal from me or from the women, who I am sure they felt it as deep as I did.

However, the true revelation came when I had the opportunity to interview some of the women in a more intimate setting. I was deeply moved by the quest of liberation of the older women; by the feeling of unity to protect the blue whale of the younger; by the vivid memories of their first sight of a whale; or by the primeval strength of their rebellion against our male-dominant society.

I don’t think it is easy to convey with the written word the deep impression that human emotions can have in our minds, and thus, I want to thank all these women for the lesson they gave me that afternoon.

Let their passions and bodies speak out loud for the conservation of the blue whale.

Carlos Sanchez

From the first meeting with Carlos Sanchez, He believed that the human blue whale was possible. He’s support, enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the region and its biodiversity was crucial in the evaluation of locations for the shooting, He’s roll in the logistics that day make everybody confident.

Neil Ever Osborne

I first learned about The Human Blue Whale project almost a year ago, when happenstance placed Patricio and I at the same table at a conference in Mexico. I did not know him then, aside from his photographic works, which I admired. During lunch, I asked Patricio what was on his mind. An hour later, he had shared his special vision of Los Rituales Del Reencuentro, and some details of what we would be the production of the Human Blue Whale. It was easy to commit to helping him that very day.

I have always believed in the power of photography, but what is even clearer to me now is how effective it can be when artists find innovative ways to share the message behind an image. I am grateful to be taking on the challenge of packaging this project and delivering it to broader audiences.